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The Gun Crank

Eddystone Enfield P17 Sporter
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F.Ill.Pietta 1858 Remington Army "Buffalo"
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Eddystone Enfield P17 Sporter
Winchester 1300 Shotgun

War horse turn sporter

My uncle always had a few guns leaning in the corner of his garage. When he moved out of his old place he gave them to me. One of the slightly rusted pieces was an Eddystoen P17 Enfield pattern US service rifle. They were made in Eddystone, P.A. from 1917 to 1918 as an emergency measure to arm US troops for WW1. They were produced in the converted Baldwin locomotive factory.
This eddystone has had the "ears" gorund off the reciever, the barrel shortened, and a scope mounted. It also has a nice pistol grip free floating stock made by White Line. The bolt has been engine turned (jewled) and the whole thing had a nice mirror blue finish. It has a few rusty spots now, but it still shoots really nice.

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