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The Gun Crank

Old and New Convienience Rations
Loading Brass .410 Shells
The Slung Shot
F.Ill.Pietta 1858 Remington Army "Buffalo"
Dixie Gun Works "Tower" Dragoon
CVA Plainshunter .50 Cap Lock
Hopkins and Allen Safety Police .38 S&W
Springfield M-106 12 gauge
Hi-Standard Sentinel Snub Nosed .22lr
Winchester M94AE Ranger 30WCF
Stevens "Favorite" Pre-1915
Wards Herculese .410
Ithaca M49 .22LR
Lithgow S.M.L.E. Sporter
Crossman 760b
Romanian .22 Bolt Action
Eddystone Enfield P17 Sporter
Winchester 1300 Shotgun



I'm a firearms enthusiast. I enjoy guns, the shooting sports, and hunting. I occupy a lot of my time with firearms, so I made this page to put down my ideas. Think of this as a web based scratch pad for my mind. Enjoy.

Currently I am thinking about firearms. Soon I will be turninf 21 and will be legally allowed to get a handgun. Here are the ones I have been fantasizing about for a few years now.
1) LEINAD single shot 11 inch barrled, 45 colt / .410 break action pistol
2) COBRA .38 special over under derringer
3) Dixie Gun Works .36 Ethan Allen Pepperbox
4) Orbea .38 Largo Buenos Aires police revolver (1905 S&W copy)
5) Comanche III .357 Magnum 6", blue revolver
6) Astra 900 or Mauser C96 in 7,62 Mauser
7) Baretta Model 21 in .25 ACP
8) CZ52 7.62X25mm
9) Yugo SKS 7.62X39mm
10) Mosin Nagant 91/10 7.62X54mm
11) 7.62mm Nagant revolver
12) Winchester or Eddystone M1917 Enfield .30-'06 original
13) AR-7 .22lr
14) Springfield M6 scout in .22lr/.410
15) Turkish M1903 8mm Mauser
16) EAA Bounty Hunter 7.5 inch case hardened .45 Colt
Some other projects I am planning are:
1) a legal version of the ithaca auto burglar 20 gauge shotgun. It would be made on some hammerless 20 gauge sxs action with a minimum OAL of 26 inches, a saw handle type grip, and barrels of minimum length or longer.
2) a .34 in line muzzle loading pistol. This is already in progress. It will be made form mild steel, be striker fired, and shoot .33 patched buckshot.
3) a .71 flintlock musket. I was thinking of modifying a scrap 12 gauge barrel, adding a breech plug, drilling a flash hole, and purchasing a cheap flint lock. It would be built along a general french fusil pattern.
4) a matchlock musket in 12 gauge. This would have a thick mild steel barrel and simple serpentine lock. I would use light charges and mostly just mess around with this at the shooting range.
5) reloading either smokeless or semismokeless (American Pioneer) .410 brass shotgun shells. I would mostly load 7 1/2 shot with 40 grains of fffg American Pioneer powder. I was also thinking about making a 4 pellet buckshot load.
6) finishing my hand gonne. It is a short tillered, 14" barreled hand cannon. I need to polish the bore, mount a hook on the muzzle, and install a breech plug and touch hole. This again would only be for the occasional fun session.
I am also interested in making generic lance type spearheads from 1 inch water pipe. I have several big knives and swords planned, but not the time nor equipment to finish them yet. I might even try making a few longbows and crossbows. I have the materials and tools for those. We'll see