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The Slung Shot
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The Slung Shot
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A slung shot is basically a weight on the end of a flexible piece of cord or chain. Most states prohibit a person from carrying slung shots, brass knuckles, or blackjacks on the street. Sailors made the slung shot and made it famous. One of the most interesting slung shots I have seen is made by tying a Monkey's Fist knot around a large lead ball. I made mine out of 1/4 inch hemp rope and a 10 ounce lead fishing weight. I left about a foot of rope on each side of the monkeys fist and short spliced them together to form a wrist loop.
There are basically three things you can do with a slung shot. The first is that it can be swung like a flail and used to strike an enemy. Because there is a foot of flexible material between the weight and your hand it is difficult to parry a slung shot blow. Also, a heavy weight on the end of a foot of rope can generate considerably more energy than you can with a similar weight in your hand. A blow from a slung shot could easily shatter the bones in a hand, arm, or even the skull. There are no half way measures with a slung shot! Once a slung shot gets moving it may be hard to stop. Blows are predictable with such a weapon, so a skilled fighter might be able to dodge a few. If you have to attack a mugger with a slung shot, consider kicking him or something else first, then haul off and land a haymaker on his chest to finish the job.
The second thing you can do with a slung shot is throw it. With the loop around your wrist you can't loose it. A throw at the face would definately put somebody down, and you could follow up with a few swinging blows. The throw shot makes a good surprise attack if you have your slungshot hidden in a pocket or bag.
The third thing you can do is use the cord on a slung shot for a choker or flexible weapon. With the ball in one hand and the loop in the other you could parry and trap with the rope on a slung shot. You could also choke with such an arrangement, but choking is usually a premeditated attack rather than a defensive attack.
Other ideas for slung shots and similar clubs are a bike lock, a chain with  a paddlock on the end, a dog leash, a sock with weights like change, batteries, pool balls, lead shot, or anything else heavy and dense. Slung shots are illegal in many places, but they are an inconspicuous choice for self defense.

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