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The Gun Crank

Winchester 1300 Shotgun
Old and New Convienience Rations
Loading Brass .410 Shells
The Slung Shot
F.Ill.Pietta 1858 Remington Army "Buffalo"
Dixie Gun Works "Tower" Dragoon
CVA Plainshunter .50 Cap Lock
Hopkins and Allen Safety Police .38 S&W
Springfield M-106 12 gauge
Hi-Standard Sentinel Snub Nosed .22lr
Winchester M94AE Ranger 30WCF
Stevens "Favorite" Pre-1915
Wards Herculese .410
Ithaca M49 .22LR
Lithgow S.M.L.E. Sporter
Crossman 760b
Romanian .22 Bolt Action
Eddystone Enfield P17 Sporter
Winchester 1300 Shotgun


I bought my winchester 1300 about a year after I started trap shooting with my Springfield 106. I paid about $310 for it. I wish the salesman hadn't talked me into the plastic stock, but I might make a nice birch or walnut one for it that fits me better. I hate plastic stocks.

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