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The Gun Crank

Hi-Standard Sentinel Snub Nosed .22lr
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F.Ill.Pietta 1858 Remington Army "Buffalo"
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Hi-Standard Sentinel Snub Nosed .22lr
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Stevens "Favorite" Pre-1915
Wards Herculese .410
Ithaca M49 .22LR
Lithgow S.M.L.E. Sporter
Crossman 760b
Romanian .22 Bolt Action
Eddystone Enfield P17 Sporter
Winchester 1300 Shotgun

A belly gun from a target pistol company

Hi Standard is known for their premium semiautomatic target pistols. They also made an inexpensive .22 revolver for plinking called the Sentinel. They, for some reason, made a snub nosed version of this revolver. The Sentinel snubby has a 2 inch barrel, 9 shot cylinder, and a rounded butt grip.
My sentinel has been pretty abused. The crane is loose and the steel rusted in spots. Still, it is capable of 3 inch 25 yard groups. I am working to get this down to about 2 inches to be able to hunt with it.

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