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Winchester M94AE Ranger 30WCF

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Winchester M94AE Ranger 30WCF
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Winchester's Best

The 1894 winchester has been one of the best rifle designs of the 19th, 20th, and now 21st century. It originally came out in .38-55, and 30WCF and 25-35WCF were added shortly thereafter.
My winchester is one with the gaudy cross bolt safety from the 1990's. Before this they had no safety but a half cock notch. Now they have a shotgun style tang safety. Mine is also the angle eject version, allowing a high mounted scope to be centered on the bore. I don't use a scope any more though.
Most every gun writer likes to trash the M94 and the 30WCF cartrige when ever they need a "weak" comparison for their new super magnum. The truth is, there has never been a better deer cartrige in my opinion, especially in this type of rifle.
In a survey I conducted on line I calculated that the national average shot on deer is about 100 yards. Don't believe every gun writer who thinks they need to be able to penetrate an engine block at 500 yards for it to be good on deer. The 30WCF has a maximum point blank range, that is you can hold it dead on and still hit within a 6 inch circle, of over 150 yards when sighted in at about 125 yards. The 30-30 with 150 grain bullets is about perfect for most whitetail hunting. If you should need to go after moose or bear the 170s might be a better choice, although they do carry less energy.
The m94 carbine points like a pretty good bird gun for most people. It is light, carrys a lot of ammo without rattling around in your pockets, and is fully capable of MOA accuracy with good loads. You don't believe me? I have shot some carefully made hand loads and got smaller than 3/8 inch groups at fifty yards from a bench. Yes, the 30WCF is capable of accuracy that a lot of bolt guns can't even compare to.

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