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The Gun Crank

Romanian .22 Bolt Action
Old and New Convienience Rations
Loading Brass .410 Shells
The Slung Shot
F.Ill.Pietta 1858 Remington Army "Buffalo"
Dixie Gun Works "Tower" Dragoon
CVA Plainshunter .50 Cap Lock
Hopkins and Allen Safety Police .38 S&W
Springfield M-106 12 gauge
Hi-Standard Sentinel Snub Nosed .22lr
Winchester M94AE Ranger 30WCF
Stevens "Favorite" Pre-1915
Wards Herculese .410
Ithaca M49 .22LR
Lithgow S.M.L.E. Sporter
Crossman 760b
Romanian .22 Bolt Action
Eddystone Enfield P17 Sporter
Winchester 1300 Shotgun


This was one of the first firearms I purchased. Others had been given to me, but this was the first one I wanted bad enough to do somehting about. It comes with a pretty ugly finish on the stock, a 5 shot detatchable magazine, and a barrel turned as rough as a file on the outside. Aftrer a little hone on the trigger, a thoughral scrubbing, and a few sighting in shots, it was putting bullets in tighter groups than a Walther KK Club Sporter with apeture sights. This gun comes equipped with express type folding sights. Talk about an accurate .22. Shooting in the 8 ring is boring with this gun, really, it is that accurate. I do most of my shooting on a NRA 50 foot target.

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